Grounding Research


The exploration of grounding (also known as earthing) and its impact on human health began in the 1990s with pioneering research by Drs. Karol and Pawel Sokal in Poland and Clint Ober in the United States. Since then, a growing body of scientific evidence has demonstrated significant benefits of grounding, including improvements in sleep quality, reduction in pain and inflammation, and enhanced recovery from physical exertion. This page highlights key studies and review articles that provide a comprehensive understanding of the health benefits of grounding.


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Grounding involves direct contact with the Earth's surface, allowing electrons to transfer from the ground into the body. Research suggests this process may neutralize free radicals, reducing inflammation and promoting overall well-being. Below are some notable studies:


Experts in the field have provided insights and personal observations on the impact of grounding:

  1. Rx Earth – The Original Painkiller! James Oschman, Ph.D., Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D., Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D.
  2. Essential for Women – Your Body, Your Health: Grounding Your Rhythms James Oschman, Ph.D., Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D.
  3. The Earth’s Electrical Surface Potential: A Summary of Present Understanding: Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D.
  4. Can Electrons Act as Antioxidants? A Review and Commentary: James Oschman, Ph.D.
  5. Charge Transfer in the Living Matrix: James Oschman, Ph.D.
  6. Perspective: Assume a Spherical Cow: The role of Free or Mobile Electrons in Bodywork, Energetic and Movement Therapies: James Oschman, Ph.D.
  7. Matteo Tavera: A French Naturalist’s Vision of the Importance of “Natural Electricity” to Life
  8. Grounding Poster 2018 Congress on Integrative Medicine
  9. Adolf Just (1859-1936)

Review Articles

Several review articles consolidate the findings of multiple studies, offering a broader perspective on grounding's health benefits:

  1. Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine Strategies Should Include Grounding (Grounding): Review of Research Evidence and Clinical Observations 2020
  2. Electric Nutrition: The Surprising Health and Healing Benefits of Biological Grounding (Grounding)
  3. Prevention and Treatment of Influenza, Influenza-Like Illness, and Common Clod by Herbal, Complementary, and Natural Therapies 2017
  4. The Effects of Grounding (Grounding) on Inflammation, Immune Response, Wound Healing, and Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases 2015
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  6. Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons 2012
  7. The Neuromodulative Role of Grounding 2011


Grounding represents a promising and natural method for improving health and well-being. The studies and articles highlighted here provide a solid foundation for understanding the benefits and mechanisms of grounding. As research continues to evolve, grounding may become an integral part of health and wellness practices.

  1. Beware of Earthing Misinformation, Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D.
  2. Earthing and Ground Currents
  3. Grounding Does Not Turn You Into an Antenna for EMFs